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by Paper Void

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Sunrise 01:26
With You 04:21
Sunrise out the window I feel it close I can feel it in the air So I don't mind the bullshit that gets tossed my way Some would call it God, but that name is just so broad Just like every word, put your meaning on it Drink the Koolaid all us and commit this promise But it's easier said than done Don't fly too close to the sun Mind your own business Don't worry 'bout the physics I see why (ooh you know I need it) Head so wide (reach the sky you and me) Digging for the gold like it grows So I guess you know now this is how it goes I'm down for the ride I'm feeling like I see the light When you're in my sight I'm fallin' feel like it's autumn C'mon let's go leave from this garden And color our words past the margins Let's skim the stars like the world is ours Though we're worlds apart Like Martians making it to Noah's ark Or my hometown map in a foreign park I don't mind 'cause I'm so fond of your mind You're mesmerizing yet so odd Going through my head in slow jog I think this is it Getting lost with you by my side in the sticks No watch on my wrist Suspended in time with you on rewind
Floating 05:27
This feeling's washing over me It doesn't have to be a thing you see You're infrared you're radar Yes we found each other Now let's make art I'll stroke your brushes Paint our colors But watch the thorns beneath the buds Now you're infrared and radar What you're trying to see is too far Too far Feel like I'm up in a vortex You get me and all my proportions How can it get so good blame the endorphins Go ahead call in the horses Get in the carriage, oh all that ignore it Baggage you see's getting all shipped Wait here I'll go pack up our suitcase Let's fly to Kauai in the cockpit No let's settle the moon let's light up the rockets Adam and Eve in this conquest chasing all of the comets Dodging alien saucers, you get the synopsis Like baby not to be pompous but ain't nothin gon' top us Flying high we'll swerve the sun our wings are fine You got me got me floating I'm in the clouds, got me overdosing I'm on the ground it's hard to settle down No time for sitting around
On 00:48
Waves 02:18
Will the waves pull me in 'fore my mind goes? Will I always be insane when I'm with you? If we keep on only living in the future Does that make us timeless? Will the waves pull me in 'fore my mind goes? Will I always feel this way when I'm with you? If we keep on only living in the future Does that make us timeless? I fell right through Our tightly locked fingers Laughter was fading I couldn't understand it But we couldn't be the same It'll never be the same
9.7.18 03:52
Find Out 03:16
She comes from a higher place As she takes small steps Down the mountain She descends from a great height As she takes sweet bites Through the grasses When she arrives to the ground Didn't see there's a crowd They've been waiting You don't know fear Your trust brought you near What you see now that you are here All you've held dear It all disappears You can't see now that you are here (It's the feelin' I feel that I'm feelin') Feel my breath get level He lived with his head in the clouds Wishing that things were still light in his mind now He left without fear in his heart Couldn't predict just yet what he'd find out And then he reached all the crowds They all let him down They've been waiting
I was spending my time on the sideline Something about it felt alright I remember watching from the sideline Cheering on the crowds who fought the fight I was one of the masses on my cellphone Taking pictures of myself alone Trapped inside the noise of my cellphone I'll come back when my side has won
Away 04:47
I'm shook, running away from the brook Pushing it foot after foot Keeping it sush no rustling the leaves in the bushes Don't want to attract any looks Feeling like time is a crook 'cause it's always like this once the night hits Watch them daintily cast their shadows on the light I build my life with Got me thinking in circles, caught in my head Reaching for slumber just stuck in the bed Eyes droopy today I'm scratching my lids I've let it marinate for far too long Turn back to the water push me afloat Puffing my chest then I hear it croak Echoing louder as I encroach Feeling the fear coating my throat I see you across the lake I'm steeping low eyes are wading Sleep at times but always waiting All your time is all I'm craving But for now I'll give you space Barely buoyant on this placid lake Get the masking tape, this sail is broken Holes on this boat have the drainage pouring It's been weeks on this lake and we're deep in this wake it started They told me to take it slowly Choose your adventure but take on the safest story But the days are showing that the rain is roaring Can't escape the stormy nights hold tight to faith and glory They said that too and I wish it were just that simple My mind's too wrinkled to tame my mood We're tied by a rope on the mast Drooped in the water straight through the sand Strapped to the neck of my demons that splash Time to time just to feed off my plans I'm with you in the shadows Even after dark No sleeping through the battle You telling me I gotta settle with ya Feeling like I gotta go and pick up the pieces You gave me away No longer what it used to be But good as far as you can see yeah... And I'm here you're alright Look at the sky I told myself don't look the beast in the eye Just follow the belt 'till the dawn cracks, baby you should be fine As we're floating toward the opposite way Choosing to ignore my advice I'm feeling the wake approaching Growing the waves in motion Center my locus as my focus While my throat gets frozen Still little fish inside water Feel like this lake's an ocean You caught me drowning though I know I'll turn around I'll match my ego with this darkness that I found I'm peeling off tape, I'll sew the sail up Let go of dead weight and trust in my ways Binding my shoulders, brace for these waves Watching the ripples stray from the shade Mouth rimmed with teeth eyes swimming slow My shadow's gripping won't let me go I feel it flexing and grab my throat While I stretch the rope up against the boat Feel like I'm up in a vortex My body in folded contortions How did it get so goddamn out of orbit I thought you were dormant In the midst of these motherless omens Is this life or am I just broken Feeling possessed with no control And now my throat is croaking Stay away from the wake The ripples and waves
Will Time Take This


released August 1, 2019

Album artwork by Lauren YS (laurenys.com)

All songs written, arranged, and produced by Paper Void

Alberto Guzmán - vocals
Hannah Martinson - vocals
Betai Koffi - keyboards, background vocals
Evan Gitterman - bass, guitar, keyboards, drum programming
Alex Favaro - drums, percussion, drum programming
Ella Cooley - vocals
Matt Segall - saxophone
Isaac Ghansah - trumpet
Gavin Leeper - guitar
Chris Tang - guitar

Engineered & mixed by Evan Gitterman at Mothership Studios

Mastered by Dave Kutch

Special thanks to Rosa Lê De Sousa, Ami Robbins, Raquel Ryan, Gravity Almanzar, Bana Hatzey, Nadia Pérez, Rich Graff, and Sid Kumar


all rights reserved



Paper Void Oakland, California

An Oakland-based genre-bending band that integrates jazz-flavored neo-soul, hip-hop, and rock influences.

Paper Void is:
Alberto Guzmán - vocals
Hannah Martinson - vocals
Ella Cooley - vocals
Gavin Leeper - guitar
Betai Koffi - keyboards
Evan Gitterman - bass
Alex Favaro - drums
Matt Segall - tenor sax
Isaac Ghansah - trumpet
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